Shakespeare in the Park

Following the process of putting together an outdoor Shakespeare experience!

   May 14

Congratulations to the Cast of The Winter’s Tale

Leontes, The King of Sicily– Christopher Schreiner

Polixenes, The King of Bohemia, Wilson Vave

Florizel,  Polixenes’s only son and heir, Devyn Becker (Also will play Officer and Mariner)

Autolyca,  A roguish peddler, gypsy, Katie Anderson

Antigonus,  Paulina’s husband, Noah (Tuppy) Mercil

Clown, The Shepherdess’s buffoonish son, Caleb Schreiner (Also will play Jailer)

Cleomena, A lady of Sicily, Rachel Vave

Hermione, The Queen of Sicily. Tianna Schwartz

Perdita, The daughter of Leontes and Hermione  Kodi Boit

Emilia, Hermione’s lady in waiting. Rosie Vave

Mopsa, Shepherdess Kaisa Vave

Dorcas, Shepherdess Rachel Vave

Shepherdess, An honorable sheep-tender, Shayna Rodeman

Camilla, An honest Sicilian noble woman, Mandi Neumann

Paulina,  A noblewoman of Sicily, Christine Kinney

Dianne,  A Sicilian lady Tammy Jensen

Thalia, A child of the Silician Court, Amara Sonnenberg (Also will play the Bear)

Decima– Servant in the court- Kendra Jensen

Scripts and schedule will be available at the theatre starting late this afternoon (May 14th).  Please pick up your script and read through it before rehearsal starts. Rehearsal starts at 7:00 on Monday, May 20th.  See you there!

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