Shakespeare in the Park

Following the process of putting together an outdoor Shakespeare experience!

   Jun 28

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow…

I can’t believe it. We open tomorrow.

This has been an amazing, amazing experience. 17 cast members, 40 pages of script, countless yards of fabric all adds up to a great production. Some of the highlights along the way have been: Contemporizing the script into “Bromeo and Juliet”, which has resulted in Jim being referred to as “Daddy Cap”; adding “meow” into the script in as many places as we could get away with it; trying to figure out how to say the word “wanton” so it doesn’t sound like “wonton”, then wondering if we could get a local Chinese establishment to sponsor us; learning stage combat and the bumps and bruises that came with it…

It’s been an absoulte blast.

Granted, it’s work… it always is, but it’s just like when you’re lifting a heavy object- if everyone lifts his or her piece, the whole thing becomes much lighter. This year, the entire cast has been pouring their hard work into this production, and it absoultely shows.

Come see the show. It’s some of the best Shakespeare I’ve seen in a while (and believe me, I’m my own biggest critic!). Leave us a review on our Facebook page!

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