Shakespeare in the Park

Following the process of putting together an outdoor Shakespeare experience!

   Jun 18

O, What a beast I am to slack it!

… to quote Mistress Quickly.

My sincere apologies- I’ve been slacking on the updating of Ye Olde Blog.

The show has moved into it’s final stage now… but first an update.

Overall actors are doing well with lines. Until everyone is solid on their lines it’s hard for the play to move forward because the language in this play, while in prose, is still tricky. It’s fun when they’re reading a line and the double or even triple meaning of it comes through and the lightbulb comes on. ("This line means THAT?!") The Merry Wives has a lot of word play, but it’s still understandable to our contemporary audience.

For instance: there is a deer theme running through this show. (Appropriate for the area, no?) Falstaff has poached deer on Mr. Page’s land and Robert Shallow is persecuting the case. (In Merrie Olde England poaching deer was a hanging offence.) This is followed by Mr. Ford’s obsession with bucks… and the "buckwashing", a term for laundry, and his resolution to be "horn mad" (a triple entendre to bucks and being cheated on and crazy) then finally the last part of the play where Falstaff shows up dressed as a buck. (An eight pointer if you’re wondering.)

Now the actors have gotten to the final step: beyond just having their lines memorized if they forget where they are they can no longer call for assistance from another cast member or the stage manager. They must struggle through it- either by summing up what they’ve said or somehow remembering it. Overall not bad, though a couple parts are still rough.

The frightening part? In one week we open!

I will post pictures of rehearsals soon.

This show is a comedic treat- we hope you’ll make time to come.

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