Shakespeare in the Park

Following the process of putting together an outdoor Shakespeare experience!

   Jun 05

Rehearsals in the Park

We have now moved the rehearsals out into the City Park with all of the challenges that presents.

The cast is still getting accustomed to the park: the different accoustics, the other noises from cars (or cows as I tried to say on Thursday), people in the park, wind (trees are noisy!) and other ambient sounds not found in an indoor theatre. One of the biggest challenges for the cast is having them remember that they have to be loud all of the time. Any line that is said has to be at full volume- if it drops below that it gets eaten up in the other sounds and all you hear are mumbeling sounds coming from the stage.

Thankfully we know about this ahead of time and can start working with the actors now to be loud on every line.

Here are some images from our rehersals, and a few preliminary pictures of actors in costumes! Yay!

 Jim using a golf club as a sword in Act III sc i

 The Merry Wives plotting their revenge.

 Robin and Anne Page

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