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   Apr 12

Character Analysis… Psycho-Analysis?

Upon some further reading of the show here is what I’ve come up with today:

Anne Page- what a little brat! She is snotty to her parents and to the suitors she doesn’t like, to the point of actually pushing Slender around.

Speaking of Slender… he’s a moron. He’s the kind who gets really drunk one night and then with the hangover the next morning swears he’ll never touch a drink again.

Host- The more I read it the more I’m convinced he might be drunk through the whole thing.

Pistol- Like a pistol he’s more bang than bite. Flies off the handle at anything and everything. And is being dragged around by the nose from Mistress Nym.

Nym- Pistol is afraid of her… she’s got that slow, simmering anger that is well controlled unlike Pistol. Angry with Falstaff for insulting her by asking her to be a letter-carrier… and makes him pay in the end.

Shallow- the county justice doubles as a lawyer? Huh…

Caius- I’m enjoying this French accent more and more…

And I didn’t realize how many deer jokes there are throughout the whole thing. There are many references to venison right off the bat, references to poaching deer and hunting illegally… and then the finalle in Act V with the whole deer/antler setup… it’s great!

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